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1Card Vogue
1Card Vogue
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Pioneer & Best Selling 1Card

Credit Card Quality Printed PVC with embedded large NFC inlay & unique QR Code

Launched in 2014, 1Card is the most trusted Digital Business Card.

Its an innovative professional business card with NFC chip & smart QR Code.

Simply touching 1Card to a smartphone or scanning its QR Code saves contact information in the phone.

1Card is thoughtfully designed to work without needing an app.

Use 1Card in place of paper cards. It gets saved. It saves trees. Its editable. So you need only one! 


You'd not need paper cards ever

  • Comprehensive : 1Card carries much more than what a paper card can. 1Card stores all your phone numbers, email ids, websites, social media profiles, home/office addresses, photo, company, designation.
  • Current : 1Card is always up-to-date. Your profile can be edited anytime & anywhere using your mobile device or computer.
  • Convenient : You don’t have to carry a big stack of cards in your wallet when you go abroad or attend an event.
  • Cheaper : Your 1Card would last many years. You'd save on cost of paper cards & prevent damage to the environment.
  • Cooler : With 1Card you'll make a memorable 1st impression!


No app to be installed. Works instantly on touch or scan

  • On touching 1Card to NFC enabled smartphone your contact details will be saved in the address-book directly. No app has to be installed.
  • 1Card also has a QR Code which can be scanned by default camera app on most phones. If not, it can be scanned using any generic / free QR Code reader app. Scanning QR Code opens your profile which the receiver can save in address-book.
  • 1Card is compatible with all smartphones - iPhone & Android.

Lead Time 1 day
Material PVC
Personalization No
Scan Strength Great
QR Code Yes

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